I finally watched ‘Wednesday’…

The show had quite a few woe factors.

*Potential* spoilers ahead.

After all the clickety-clacks I’ve seen and heard from Wednesday, I had to do a little writing on my own.

‘Wednesday’, which was recently renewed for a second season, is known for being the second most-watched English series on Netflix and creating an entire TikTok trend from just one scene. But I think its greatest achievements are found in its story, characters and world that the show’s creators have crafted.

Not just well-written, but well-executed

Like that bully who almost didn’t make it out of the pool.

Genuinely, this series has some of the wittiest writing I’ve seen in awhile. From Wednesday’s dark but clever one-liners to all the characters’ dialogue, the writers have done a great job of maintaining the quality of the writing from episode 1-8.

Not only were the verbal lines smartly written, the non-verbal storylines received the same care too. The murder mystery hooks you immediately, while being a genius way of developing Wednesday’s character. No time is wasted with pointless scenes or interactions. Everything shown has a purpose and adds to the story. Minute details placed along the way eventually connect to the overall plot.

There were so many satisfying payoffs that come to mind: how the importance of those boots surfaced at the end, how the prophecy came true, how our characters’ interactions with fencing and archery returned in a significant way, how someone finally unleashes their potential, how a sword from years ago was wielded again, how three generations of conflict ended, how the necklace played a part, how the visions finally made sense… I could go on and on.

And to top it all off – a talented cast who delivered all of their scenes perfectly. We probably also have to thank the casting director for choosing the right actor/actress for each role. No one can channel Wednesday’s energy like Jenna Ortega. But I can say the same for Emma Myers as Enid, Gwendoline Christie as Principal Weems… everyone was given the best and gave their best. In short, a show both well-written and well-executed.

A world that has Never been More intriguing

If the show was already a beautifully layered cake, this is the icing on top.

Nevermore Academy and the nearby town of Jericho seem both welcoming and haunting, creating a wonderful juxtaposition of a backdrop for the story. As the series progresses, the seemingly normal (or should I say, normie) walls of Jericho start falling down, revealing the rich lore and history behind it. The world that Tim Burton and crew have created sucks you right in by being both believable and strangely magical. It’s fascinating.

What adds to the 10/10 atmosphere are the lighting, costumes and set design. Whoever in charge have masterfully used all three to bring out the inner world of our characters and the character of their outer world. Just think of Wednesday and Enid’s room and the contrast of colours in their windows, decorations and clothes.

And then the lighting and vibes hit right all the time. Whether it’s the iconic room, the principal’s office, the café, the carnival, the woods, the hidden library, the crypts, the town, whether it’s day or night, rain or shine… chef’s kiss. Have I mentioned the soundtrack?

Honestly, the viewing experience kind of reminded me of ‘Harry Potter’. Before you stone, burn or roast me, I am not comparing the two. But… think about it.

Hogwarts. Nevermore.

Wizards. Outcasts.

Magic. Powers.

I just can’t wait to return to Nevermore in Season 2.

With such a cold exterior, Wednesday sure made us all feel warm inside

If the only thing you’ve watched about Wednesday are TikToks and trailers, you might be thinking I have a really dark sense of humour to enjoy this show. And maybe I do. But that’s not what made me geek out so much over the show!

What I love most were how the characters and their relationships developed. The show is more wholesome than it lets on. The highlight for me was definitely Wednesday and Enid’s friendship. Season 1’s finale felt like someone giving you a big warm hug.

But that’s not all. What about Wednesday’s relationship with the rest like Bianca, Xavier or Eugene? Or how about Wednesday and herself? The Wednesday at the start of the show is pretty different from the one we see at the end. The character grew so much throughout the season emotionally – but in a way that still stayed true to the core of who she is.

Once again, credit should be given to Ortega, whose mixture of subtle and dramatic expressions fully captured the essence of the character. From her death stare to her sinister smile, from her “youthful sneer” to her judgy demeanour, and from her vengeful tears to her iconic smirk. And nailing that dance sequence like that after choreographing it herself? She deserves all the praise she’s getting.

So, what would I say about ‘Wednesday’? It’s Goody.

All images via Netflix.

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