Entering the 2020s

First post of the decade. Second one about crossing into a new one. Just a random “diary” kind of entry.

Was just lying in bed two nights ago and it kind of hit me. This past decade was the one that changed me the most as a person. It formed the transformative years of my life.

At the start of the 2010s, I was a totally different person and would have never imagined how I would be by the end of it.

In this decade, I tried out martial arts (for awhile). In this decade, I found my love for movies – especially the MCU. In this decade, I picked up the acoustic guitar. In this decade, I discovered my passion for writing. In this decade, I experienced four phases of life – secondary school, polytechnic, army, university.

There were so many other things that happened in this span of 10 years, but nothing transformed my life like the following: coming to Heart of God Church and knowing Jesus.

In 2011, I became a Christian and everything has been the greatest adventure since. It is hard to believe just 10 years ago, I did not know God.

More than the skills, experience and interests I adopted along the way, with Christ and church, I have found true joy, purpose and relationships for my life. I enter the new decade with faith, friends and family – more than I ever had before.

It’s crazy. In this next decade, I am going to enter my 30s (though not that soon). I am going to experience the next phases of life – love, career and family.

But no matter where life takes me, I set my eyes again, like I did in the 2010s, on the one Person that is always there for me.

If there is only one thing I can bring from my life in the 2010s to the 2020s, it is my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I may not know what the future holds, but I know Him who holds my future.

And that makes all the difference.


A fresh start.

Hi everyone. It’s about 3AM right now as I am writing this, but I can’t get more excited.

Today is the day I am officially launching this new blog I call Comma. That’s right, I am so “creative” I decided to name my blog using punctuation.

Jokes aside, I know it looks kinda empty right now, but stay tuned! I promise with 50% confidence (perfectly balanced according to Thanos) that over the next couple of days, I will be sharing my first few posts with all of you.

I think one of them might even give you a little explanation for the name of my blog… who knows?

Anyway, you can subscribe to this blog using the “Follow” feature at the bottom right of this page and be notified when new posts are up. Or you can not do that and just come here daily to check for updates if you prefer inconvenience!

Haha alright, I think it’s time for me to go to bed. If you are reading this, I welcome you as the first guests to my humble (online) abode.

I am honored to have your time. So to thank you, I present to you a random low poly artwork I saw on the Internet, yay!

An appropriate photo (it’s a new day after all) for a fresh start on a new blog!

Feel free to visit again, my friend. Stick around and I’ll see you around.